Alice Psarouda-OenologistAlice Psarouda is a certified oenologist and wine – alcoholic beverages chemist, specializing in Italian, Greek and Spanish wines.

She regularly organizes wine tastings, wine courses, and travels all over the world for wine events.

She consults wineries & wine importers on winemaking, wine marketing and best practices.


What is an Oenologist?

Oenologists (or enologists) direct and coordinate wine production activities. This involves crushing, fermentation, clarification, aging, blending, and bottling.
Working either in their own firm’s vineyards, or with viticulturists of other, grape-supplying vineyards, oenologists examine grape samples to judge sweetness and acidity, to verify sound condition and lack of pesticide residue, and to authenticate grape varieties. They decide when to start the harvest and ensure that grapes are trucked to the crusher quickly and safely.


But I see most tasting classes are done by Sommeliers, what is the difference?

Sommeliers are  highly skilled and talented professionals that help you  select a wine that pairs perfectly with a meal when you visit a restaurant. A sommelier has an understanding of wines, their composition, how they’re made and how they affect food on your menu.

The main difference is that an oenologist is a University graduate with a degree in wine making, thus more involved in the wine from start to finish – and in reality oenologists educate sommeliers.