Mediterranean wine tasting


Alice in Wineland presents:

The Mediterranean Wine Tasting

Let yourself go on a trip to the sunny and laid back Mediterranean, sampling a selection of wines from the regions of France, Spain and Italy that have been carefully selected to illustrate the most representative tastes of each country.

This 1.5 hour workshop will guide you on:

  • How to properly taste wine
  • Learn about the regions of each wine
  • How to pair it with food
  • How to select and taste wine in a restaurant
  • How to properly serve wine (including proper temperature, types of glasses, and order of serving)

It includes:

  • Four wines from France, Spain and Italy
  • A selection of nibbles to taste
  • Workbook including tasting notes, taste receptors map, wine colour map

This tasting will be presented by Alice, a certified and accredited oenologist as well as  a wine and spirits technologist. To learn more about your tutor, please click here.

Price: £65/person


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