One of the wine world’s love it or hate it grapes, Gewürztraminer is for many people the signature variety of Alsace. Gewürztraminer is the first grape variety you learn to recognise because of its exotic aroma. Learn more about this wonderful grape variety and become an expert.

Gewürztraminer is typically one of the first wines to get released after the new year in early spring. If you love spice-driven cuisines such as Thai, Indian and Arabic foods, you’ll find Gewürztraminer to be a perfect match. You can typically pick up a decent bottle for around $10 and an exceptional Gewürztraminer for $16–22.

  • Gewürz: ‘Spice’
  • Traminer: old name of the grape

All told, there are only about 35,000 acres of Gewürztraminer in the world, which, compared to Chardonnay at nearly 500,000 acres, means the wine is pretty unique. If you’re on the search for a perfect Gewürztraminer, you might like to start with the following 5 regions.

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