Wine and Chocolate tasting

Wine and Chocolate – world’s greatest pleasures!

Join Alice, our Chief Oenologist, to an exclusive evening session where you will get to explore the amazing world of chocolate, matched with hand-picked premium wines from around the world.

Whether you prefer white or dark chocolate, Alice will help you identify the flavours and subtle differences in both the wines and the chocolates. She will also give you tips and tricks for matching chocolate with wine as you taste them together and demonstrate why some matches work and why some don’t.

There will be a delicious range of wines including red wine, sparkling wine, dessert wine and port. Match these wines with interesting flavours of chocolate and enjoy the indulgent experience.
All of the chocolates are high in cocoa content at between 40% and 70% cocoa.


What is included in the Wine and Chocolate Tasting Workshop?

  • Enjoy 4 wines from across the world, including red wine, sparkling wine, dessert wine and port (wines depend on availability)
  • Chocolates that match each wines of the above
  • Certificate of completion
  • Discount on wine and chocolate purchases during the tasting

This workshop is not a stand alone and it requires having previous knowledge of wine tasting. If you haven’t already, we recommend taking the Introductory Wine Tasting Workshop.


£80 per person

£150 for 2 people

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